Our cinnamon buns come to you frozen and unbaked.

Here’s the best way to enjoy them...

  • Keep frozen until ready to enjoy.


  • Thaw for a few hours or overnight on the counter with all wrapping removed (foil cover, icing sugar bag and parchment) 

  • Lay the lid or a tea towel lightly on top of pan



  • After thawing, if the buns haven’t risen to about double their size, place them in a warm area of your home or in the oven on the warm setting until they’re all squished together. It’s ALL about the rise so give them time to do their stuff, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Put buns, uncovered, into cold oven while it's pre-heating. 

  • Once it's at full temperature, bake for 20-30 minutes depending on your oven. They’re all baked when the middle buns are cooked through and they’re a medium golden colour. 



  • Remove from oven, flip onto a larger plate and let sit for a few minutes while you're making the icing. 


  • Add 1 tbsp of water (or get creative and try orange juice, cold coffee, maple syrup or a combo) to the icing sugar. Add more liquid if the icing isn't the right consistency. 

  • Drizzle over the buns. Enjoy!



  • Are the buns safe to eat after the 'best before' date on the lid?
    • If kept in a  freezer your buns are safe to eat for several months. Buuuut because there is yeast involved the fresher the buns, the higher the rise. The date on your buns is 4 weeks after they were prepared for you. We know your buns will have a great rise if you prepared them before that date. We've had customers tell us that they forgot about a batch they'd had in the freezer and even though the date on the package was from 2 months earlier they still rose up and baked beautifully.  
  • Are the buns nut-free?
    • Although there are no nuts in our cinnamon buns, they are NOT made in  nut-free kitchen.
  • Do you work out of a commercial kitchen?
    • Yes! We work out of an awesome commercial kitchen right here in Burlington. We're regularly inspected by Halton health, and have our food handlers certification. 
What's in our buns...
  • unbleached flour

  • butter

  • water

  • brown sugar

  • white sugar

  • eggs

  • cinnamon

  • yeast

  • salt 

  • confectioner's sugar

This is an actual ingredient list with 46 ingredients (!) from some ready-to-bake cinnamon buns produced by a large food company found at a local grocery store. 

There are only ten 
easy-to-understand ingredients
in our buns. We promise, the only thing oozing out of them will be cinnamon, butter and sugar.
Never cheese. That's for a very 
different kind of bun!
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